Wednesday, February 23, 2011

the future

So lately I have been thinking about my imminent move back home. It used to seem so far away, but now it's just a couple of months. While I know it's going to be chaotic and busy with applications and work (hopefully), there is one thing that I'm looking forward to: decorating my new room! Since I came to college, my room back at home kind of got demolished. Growing up I switched rooms a lot. I honestly can't remember which was my room before I left for college, but one is now my sisters room, one is an office and one is for storage. The exciting part is when I move back home I get to pick one of them and make it mine:) I've always loved interior decorating (at one point I wanted to be an interior decorator...but my parents hated that idea). I think having an environment that reflects you as a person and makes you feel comfortable is so me at least. But I don't even know where to begin! There are so many directions I can go in, and to decorate even one room is not an easy task, let alone a cheap one. (It doesn't help that I also recently got into a car accident which is probably gonna drain another $1, least). In conclusion, I have been browsing different design blogs to gain inspiration for my new project. It's time consuming yes, but addicting (and a little depressing-- I wish I had the money to make my place as beautiful!).

This apartment is exactly how I want my apartment in my mid-to-late twenties to look like. The heavy use of white is actually quite refreshing and makes any color really pop out. I used to think painted walls were the key to making a room look chic, but the white walls in this apartment toss that theory out the window. I adore the wood floor and the designer's perfect mixture of vintage and modern. It has an extremely cozy feel without looking too countryside.

And what an amazing collection of shoes!